Putting the human-to-human back into B2B



The current SDR to AE handoff processes are broken. So we reimagined it and created a marketplace approach to new lead / prospect / opportunity distribution.

Our thoughtfully designed platform changes the way new sales opportunities are distributed to sales reps. Instead of new opportunities being assigned, sales reps can choose them BEFORE they start to work them.

SDRs list the prospects they sourced in an internal marketplace; AEs choose which leads they want to pursue. This model removes the subjective quantity vs. quality and accepted to pipeline squabbles.

Giving SDRs an objective framework allows them to focus on qualifying leads.

With the ability to choose their prospects that are best suited for them, AEs are excited, motivated and able to connect with their customers on a deeper level.

OpnMkt (Open Market) is more than just a sales effectiveness tool. It’s completely reimagining the status quo. Sales teams are made up of people; let’s invest in them like the individuals they are. Put the human-to-human back into B2B and empower your teams to take control of their pipeline and close deals.

100% Salesforce-Native solution available on the AppExchange.

Our Beliefs


OpnMkt was founded on the belief that people buy from people. We believe in removing subjective metrics, investing in the people on our teams, and creating a culture of growth.

As a sales effectiveness tool, OpnMkt believes that you can’t maximize sales effectiveness without optimizing for the individual people on your team. Our marketplace allows team members to excel in the roles that were designed for them. SDRs are valued resources and AEs own their pipeline, allowing leadership to focus on coaching and growing the talent that exists on the team.


Our Story


Before creating OpnMkt, founder Tom Melbourne spent over 15 years building sales teams at companies including Careerbuilder, Citrix, Mixpanel, Chartio, and Sendoso. No matter the company, the size, the culture, he was constantly running into the same struggle between SDRs and AEs.

Tom realized reorganizing territories and creating pods weren’t cutting it. Instead of focusing on fixing relationships post-conflict, Tom knew he needed to get ahead of it and build team relationships on a foundation of mutual respect.

OpnMkt allows reps to maximize their functionality, but also frees up energy for managers and leaders to focus on growing their team internally. Avoiding rep churn drastically cuts expenses, but more importantly, grows people, morale and revenue. It’s exactly what leadership means to Tom.

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