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Lead distribution software is used to route inbound and outbound leads to sales reps. It’s a tool designed to help sales teams be more efficient and effective in their follow-up and outreach.  If you’re not using lead distribution or lead routing software, your team is likely wasting time manually distributing leads through email, a spreadsheet or a CRM, which can lead to lost opportunities and decreased productivity.

While most companies understand the importance of lead distribution, many still don’t have a process or system in place for lead routing. In this blog post, we’ll discuss the benefits of lead distribution software and how it can help your company close more deals and grow your business.


Lead Distribution Software Saves Time

The most obvious benefit of lead distribution software is that it saves time. Without a system in place, distributing leads to sales reps can be a time-consuming process. With lead distribution software, you can route leads in real-time, so your reps can follow up quickly and make the most of every opportunity.

In addition to saving time on the front end, lead distribution software can also help you save time on administrative tasks like creating reports and tracking metrics. Most lead distribution platforms come with built-in reporting features that make it easy to track key performance indicators (KPIs) and measure ROI.


Lead Distribution Software Improves Lead Nurturing

When leads are distributed manually, there’s always the risk that they will fall through the cracks or be forgotten about entirely. This is especially true if you have a large team or high volume of leads coming in.

With lead distribution software, you can ensure leads get routed to the rep who is best positioned to nurture them. This ensures that every lead gets the attention it deserves and decreases the likelihood of missed opportunities.


Lead Distribution Software Facilitates Better Collaboration

Collaboration is critical for sales teams but can be difficult to achieve without the right tools in place. Lead distribution software can help by providing a central platform for all your team’s communications.

Most platforms come with features like group chat and activity streams that make it easy for reps to share information and ask questions in real-time. This type of collaboration not only makes your team more effective but also helps reduce duplicate effort and increases transparency.


The Round Robin Lead Distribution Process & Why It’s Difficult To Ensure Equitable Lead Distribution

Automated lead distribution is the process of routing leads to the right sales reps in a preset order. The most common type of automated lead management software for lead distribution tools is a round robin.

With a round robin, leads are assigned to each rep in sequence. When the last rep on the list receives a lead, the lead assignment process starts over at the top of the list with the next lead going to the first rep.

The goal of round robin lead assignment is to distribute leads evenly so that each rep has an equal opportunity to close business. However, this approach often fails to deliver on that goal because it doesn’t consider each rep’s relative abilities or sale stage preferences.

As a result, some reps end up with more high-quality leads than they can handle while others starve for good prospects. This causes frustration and lowers morale among sales reps, which can eventually lead to turnover.

To avoid these problems, companies need to use a lead distribution method that takes into account each rep’s abilities, sale stage preferences, and other factors. This will help ensure that leads are distributed equitably and that each rep has a better chance of closing new business.


 The Importance of a Native Salesforce App for Lead Distribution

When it comes to the best lead distribution software, native apps are always the ideal choice. A native app is one that is designed specifically for the platform it is being used on. For example, a native app for iPhone will be different than a native app for Android, because the two platforms have different operating systems.

The same is true for lead distribution software in salesforce. A native app is going to be integrated with the CRM, and all of your data will be secure. That’s why OpnMkt is such a popular choice for lead distribution software—it’s a native salesforce app that helps with lead distribution directly in your CRM.


Here are some of the reasons why OpnMkt, a native salesforce app, is the ideal choice for lead distribution:


1. OpnMkt Allows Sales Reps to Choose Their Own Leads

One of the best things about OpnMkt is that it allows sales reps to choose which leads they want to work. This means that they are much more likely to be excited about the leads they get, because they had a hand in choosing them.

2. OpnMkt Creates an Equitable Lead Distribution

It can be hard to create a lead distribution that is fair for everyone involved. However, OpnMkt makes it easy by balancing quantity and quality of leads. This way, everyone gets leads that they can actually work with—and no one feel like they got the short end of the stick.

3. OpnMkt Reduces Operational Overhead

OpnMkt also reduces operational overhead for the sales ops team. This gives them hours back in their day to do other more productive tasks. And when your sales ops team is happy, everyone benefits!

4. OpnMkt Comes with Reports and Dashboards

OpnMkt comes with reports and dashboard helping you establish and hit your sales goals. This way, you can see exactly how well your lead distribution system is working—and make changes as necessary to ensure continued success.

How OpnMkt Works


Source and Sell

SDRs source qualified prospects and list them for sale in the internal marketplace.


Buy and Build

AEs use market dollars to buy the prospects they connect with to build a dynamic, personalized pipeline.


Connect and Close

AEs establish relationships with their prospects, turning them into buyers. More deals close, increasing revenue.

Lead distribution software provides numerous benefits for businesses with sales teams, including improved close rates, better visibility into the sales pipeline, and more efficient use of time for sales reps. If you’re not using lead distribution software and you have more than a few sales reps on your team, now is the time to start!

“OpnMkt removed the feeling that leads happen to reps. It gives them autonomy over their pipeline, so leads go to the people that are hungriest to work them. Reps value leads they’ve won much more than leads they were assigned.”

Rachel Calomeni

SVP of Growth, HowGood

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