Make more sales with leads you already have.

Create an internal marketplace in your CRM for sales leads distribution. SDRs list qualified prospects. Account Executives choose them.

“OpnMkt removed the feeling that leads happen to reps. OpnMkt gives them autonomy over their pipeline, so leads go to the people that are hungriest to work them. Reps value leads they’ve won much more than leads they were assigned.

Rachel Calomeni

SVP of Growth, HowGood

How OpnMkt Works

Salesforce Lead Distribution


Source and Sell

SDRs source qualified prospects and list them for sale in the internal marketplace.


Buy and Build

AEs use market dollars to buy the prospects they connect with to build a dynamic, personalized pipeline.


Connect and Close

AEs establish relationships with their prospects, turning them into buyers. More deals close, increasing revenue.

It’s the app the whole team loves.


Get more of the prospects you source accepted to pipeline.

SDR Sourcing Leads
Sales Rep Getting Leads

Sales Rep

Choose the prospects you want to add to your pipeline

Rev Ops

Save 40+ hours per month by reducing operational overhead.

Rev Ops Saving Time
Excited Sales Leader

Sales Leader

Generate more revenue while building a stroger team culture.

Foster Connections

Optimize Sales Experience


Eliminate Operational Conflict

The status quo is expensive.

“Poorly managed sales leads cost companies $1 trillion every year.” (CMO Council)

Assigning opportunities creates costly missed connections between sales reps and prospects.

Use our interactive calculator to see how much more pipeline and sales you can generate from the leads you already have!

Missed connections are missed opportunities.

Sales percent to goal



Existing lead distribution methods optimizes for sales roles, not the people in them.


Prospects don’t buy from a seller they don’t connect with.


Fully qualified leads don’t convert without connection, leaving money on the table.


Inequities within sales teams and territories impacts company performance and culture.

Territories are for operations.
Human relationships are for sales.

Make connections that convert.

OpnMkt increases conversion rates and makes sales teams everywhere happier. 


Leverage human connections to close more deals. 


Eliminate quantity vs quality, accepted to pipeline and qualification criteria squabbles.


Reclaim time and resources spent managing sales territories and lead distribution.


Give your team control of their pipeline by investing in them like people, not algorithms.

People buy from people. Relationships matter. Establish mutual rapport, respect and trust through personal human connection. When AEs choose their prospects, everyone wins.

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